Your Thoughts/Ideas on Bottled Water?

So posted on Yahoo's mainpage is a newsclip about a NY Water Bar and Cafe. there they sell many different types of luxurious waters in fancy bottles from around the world containing magnesium, calcium, and potassium, the most expensive running for $55 a bottle for less than a liter?
The owner of the water bar hopes that more people will become educated about fine water drinking within the next 5 years and switch over from tap.

On the other hand, there are many U.S. cities starting to ban water bottles altogether in order to prevent greenhouse gas production. they say that more people should drink tap because 4/5 bottles that are trashed are found in the landfill, not recycled. some restaurants are also trying to help out by serving only tap water too.

I personally think that a water bar is ridiculous. The owner seems to have enough money to not even care about our environment and the idea she's promoting. What's your opinion on this topic?

Marketing Genius! and the water he is using is FREE!

I will humbly admit that I fell victim to the bottled water. It becomes such a part of your life you can't imagine drinking tap water. I haven't had it in ages. Logic tells me there's nothing worng with it… but I got so used to the bottled water. I think thats what happens to most people. We are vreatures of habit.

A sucker is born every minute.

-PJ Barnum

I hope I got the mans name right.
I agree it may be great marketing. Fools will pay for anything. I seen the "Bling H2O" you are talking about…LMAO

But I believe these connoisseur waters are in glass & not plastic.

I have a tap filter & sport bottles and I am happy to have more $$bling in my pocket.


I KNOW that I am going to get flamed for stating my HONEST OPINION about this subject,but here it goes! I have never understood why people spend hundreds of dollars a month on bottled water,why? Do you know that if you bought just ONE BOTTLE of bottled water,and then just kept filling it up with your own tap water at home,you would save so much money?

We buy sports drinks and we clean the bottles out really good after we have finished drinking out of them,then we fill them up and use those as our water bottles. Of course I have never understood either why people buy four to six cases of soda pop A WEEK either when they know that it will rot their teeth out and cause ulcers or other internal problems! *Winnie shrugs*

It's especially ridiculous considering the fact that NYC has the best tap water in America. NYC tap water is mountain spring water and New Yorkers ' really should know that

The idea of a water bar is ridiculous in and of itself. $55 is what I spend on food each week, so I don't even have a word for how I feel about spending that much for water.

I used to drink tap water before my city started putting too much chlorine in our water supply. Now I have to buy bottled water–the tap water where I live just isn't safe. But I always recycle the jugs (if I'm not re-using them for those occasions where I can manage to filter my own water) and the water I buy is .64 a gallon. But for me to pay $55 for water, there'd have to be a serious drought going on. Heck, I think I'd risk the heavily chlorinated tap water or drink from a mud puddle before shelling out $55!

I buy bottled water simply to take with me in the car or to the gym. I refill them and put them in my fridge , as I have excellent tap water. I have been to some towns and had their water , and it really did taste horrible. so I guess it ALL depends on how good your tap water is. If I had lousy tap water, I would probably invest in a good filtration system, or use one of those brita pitchers.

I think the water bar is foolish, but I do buy and drink bottled water only. I just love the fresh taste of Arrowhead mountain spring water!

Your Thoughts/Ideas on Bottled Water?

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