Your Questions About Restaurants In Nyc

I was planning on going to Serendipity3 during my trip to NYC next week, until I found out it was closed because of a rat infestation! does anyone know any nice, teen friendly, inexpensive, and informal restaurants in NYC? Something out of the ordinary, not just your average Olive Garden or Applebee’s. Thanks!

Local Marketing Reporter answers:

Pizza is always a hit. John’s Pizzeria on 44th St is right off Times Square and housed within the cavernous atmosphere of a former theater. It’s loud and hectic and touristy, but pretty exciting for a teen. you could also try John’s on Bleecker St (in the Village) or Lombardi’s (in Little Italy), or even Grimaldi’s (in Brooklyn underneath the Brooklyn Bridge) for more old-school, small-scale New York atmosphere (although all get crowded).

Right next door to John’s (44th) is Carmine’s, a family-style Italian restaurant with a long-standing reputation and a similar atmosphere to John’s.

If the weather’s nice, consider strolling down to Madison Square Park (at 23rd & 5th) and stopping by the Shake Shack. This is an “upscale” gourmet burger & milkshake stand run by a well-regarded New York restauranteer that’s nestled down right in the middle of the park. It’s something of a phenomenon in this city and provides great (outdoor) atmosphere. the lines can get really long here, so be wary of the lunch hour rush if you can help it.

Your Questions About Restaurants In Nyc

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