Xbox 360 Slim coming?

@Jeremy Chappell
First off, your “go buy another console” comment simply isn’t true. unfortunately, I speak from experience. I bought my first PS3 used in 2007 and got the yellow light last year. Sony sends you a “coffin” and will ship you a new one 2nd day air as soon as they receive the bad one for $149, regardless of the issue (out of warranty, of course).

My 360 red ringed about 10 days after I bought it, so I was lucky enough that I could just return it to the retailer and grab another one (which has run flawlessly for a year+ now).

Overall, out of everyone that I know, including myself, that owns one or both, mine is the only PS3 to ever brick. (Lucky me!) on the other hand, most of the 360 owners, again including myself, are on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th console. I’m glad Microsoft has stood behind their product, but then again, what choice did they have? If anything, I feel they should have been giving everyone at least 3 months of XBL since giving 1 month only compensates the customer for the time they had already paid for and lost in down time. Plus when you think about it, a month of Live is worth about $4. So they essentially are just buying you coffee and a bagel. my trouble is worth more than that!

Xbox 360 Slim coming?

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