Wouldn't building the Islamic Community Center in Lower Manhattan create jobs?

I can't understand why Conservatives oppose something that will create hundreds or thousands of private sector construction jobs. obviously they hate America.

Valid point made indeed!

However, this thing is going to be blown to Kingdom Come (wherever or whatever that is…lol). some other muslim group is going to trash it. If you were to listen to the radio or watch the news, you would know that they blow each other up each and every day. Anyone that takes this thing out will be a legend in the Muslim world among rival terrorist cells.

I would recommend staying very far away. may as well let them build it and get it over with.

Yes it would. No matter what they built there.

Question is, is it an attempt to show Islam as an innocent religion, or is it rubbing noses in 9/11?

In my personal view, it is in very bad taste indeed, and I wouldn't support it if I was devout Muslim either.


nothing gets built in NYC without Union approval.

the unions will hand-pick who is on the construction crew.

no jobs will be created…

No union local in NYC will lay a hand on this provocative abomination.

If they go with scabs, the rat will be erected at the front door and no material will be delivered.

Hundreds of thousands of construction jobs?

Its just a community center, not the Taj Mahal.

Ha, obviously you don't have anybody that was affected by 9/11.

so would a McDonald's or Starbucks, perhaps those would even bring more jobs. or, you know what would bring a really really lot of jobs? The freedom tower!

Destroying towers creates construction jobs too, poor argument.

I have to agree with u_bin_called, that's pretty much how it works when doing construction.

No more than anything else that gets built there.

Yes, it would…..for Muslims

Wouldn't building the Islamic Community Center in Lower Manhattan create jobs?

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