Would you spend $800 on a smartphone?


The new smartphones are basically wallet computers with internet. is it worth the money to pay this much for such a device? a fullsized basic desktop computer without a lot of software easily costs $500-$1000. yet a smartphone if portable and can easily connect to many other devices where ever you go.

I’ve been waiting about a year now for a do-everything type of phone that also has quality service, and finally this phone seems to fit the ticket. what other smartphone models are currently in development?

Do you think it’s better to buy a new smartphone when it first comes out, or wait a certain amount of time first? If I wait too long, the phone becomes obsolete in comparison to new technologies being released every year. I’m still using a Motorola RAZR, and it’s definitely feeling like a point-and-click hunk of metal compared to the fast finger flutters you can do on an iPhone.

Would you spend $800 on a smartphone?

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