Workers Return To Elevator Death Site

MYFOXNY.COM – some of the offices in the Midtown Manhattan building where a woman was pinned by an elevator and killed last month were reopening Tuesday.


All the elevators that service floors 12-25 at 285 Madison Avenue were tested and were up to code, according to a notice issued by building management citing the NYC Dept. of Buildings. Workers on those floors were allowed to return Tuesday. the workers on those floors use a different bank of elevators than the one that killed Suzanne Hart, 41, reported the NY Post.

Hart was crushed to death when an elevator she was stepping into on the first floor suddenly ascended, trapping her between two floors. she was a marketing executive at advertising company Young and Rubicam.

The building has a history of elevator violations.

Anyone who worked on floors 3-10 were temporarily relocated to 125 Park Avenue. the elevator for floors 2-12 were not yet operational Tuesday, according to building management.

The exceptions were Level 2 and the Madison Group (one flight up from the lobby for Level 2 and one flight down from 12 for TMG), who both returned to 285 Madison Avenue on January 3.

WPP, Y&R’s parent company, owns the building at 285 Madison Ave.

Y&R planned a garden in Hart’s memory on one of the building’s terraces, reported the NY Post.

Workers Return To Elevator Death Site

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