Work From Home Jobs Offering Great Opportunities

There are quite a few choices out there when it comes to work from home jobs. These jobs give you the chance to make money, without having to deal with rush hour traffic. Depending on the company you are looking at, you can find part-time, or even full-time jobs. while all this sounds ideal, you do need to understand that some of these job opportunities do require that you live a certain distance from a company location, or that you reside in key states that they operate in.

What follows are some key companies that offer work from home jobs.

Alpine Access – Alpine Access offers you the chance to earn an income in a virtual customer care call center. They do require that you have your own computer, internet access, and headset, and have the ability to assist a variety of Fortune 500 companies from your own remote office.

Alpine Access is a company that can provide you with both full and part-time positions, if you have experience with call centers, retail, customer service and general sales. with Alpine Access, if you are a parent, retiree, disabled individual or even a military spouse, you have the chance to telecommute from almost whatever state you reside in. with more than 40 approved for employment states, you will find that you have the chance to make as much as $11 per hour through a very rewarding company.

1-800-Flowers – 1-800-Flowers is known for their online floral arrangements, and they are based out of Long Island, NY. this is a company that offers work from home jobs in their call center operations. during peak seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Mother’s Day, they will frequently take on temporary employees.

1-800-Flowers will then provide those who have exceptional performance records, the chance to become permanently employed. 1-800-Flowers offers employment to those who reside in Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, new York, Texas, Virginia, Florida, new Mexico, Ohio, Montana, new Hampshire, Oregon and Oklahoma. Those looking to make money remotely will appreciate the base salary of $9 per hour.

American Express – American Express is a company that offers both travel and financial solutions. They are best known for being a company that offers credit cards. American Express has taken to offering work from home jobs to those in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. while these employees are generally hired as a travel counselor, they also offer positions in sales and corporate employment. The average salary for this company is approximately $26 – $35,000 per year.

Telecommuting opportunities abound Businesses have discovered that it’s a great financial strategy. We know it’s a great lifestyle strategy for you. All you have to do to start your journey is take a look.

Work From Home Jobs Offering Great Opportunities

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