Wire Hangers and Attachable Hangers

In the film Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford screamed at her adopted daughter Christina because she had a dress hanging in the closet on a wire hanger. no more wire hangers ever She shouted at the girl and we all felt what an insane woman she was. the truth is that it does make a difference between using different hangers.

Wire hangers are pliable and will bend under the weight of the clothing they are holding so that you will have to constantly replace the hanger. What is more, wire hangers get crossed over each other and get tangled on the bar so that you will have to spend much time putting wire hangers in order. one of the most serious disadvantages of wire is its susceptibility to corrosion. therefore, it has a shorter life expectancy than other hangers as a result of this.

Simply replacing from wire hangers to any one of the many alternative styles available will keep retaining the shape of your clothes. because of helpful features, some hangers perform their duty far better than others such as plastic hangers. It is usually believed that the plastic hanger is the first alternative hanger to be taken into consideration. It is easily available and inexpensive, with its profusion of rich colors for decorative coordinating. But it only performs the single function of hanging clothes. What is more, many varieties of plastic hangers are inferior in quality, and they are easy to break, bend, or sag.

Another type of hanger, called an attachable hanger, is also a better choice. It can make the fullest use of space which is wasted in traditional layout. Attachable hangers, also known as add-ons, have hooks in the center that can hold other hangers. Clothes can then be lined vertically rather than horizontally. This vertical arrangement, called layering, makes it possible to hang two to eight garments, while the closet rod holds only one hanger. It may be the most effective organizing technique you can adopt. In terms of energy, time and money, it is also most economical and practical.

Attachable hangers demonstrate other advantages as well. They will prevent wrinkles as hanging garments are not squeezed together on the clothes rod. What is more, when retrieving an item, you will not be bothered to shove clothes from one side of the closet rod to another. If you want to replace a garment, you can merely hang it at the bottom of the row as it will recycle itself.

The best advantage of all is the extra space you gain when you use attachable hangers. Attachable hangers easily connect to each other vertically to save space, and they also feature notches for clothing with garment straps. If you change wire or plastic hangers to attachable hangers, you will increase your closet’s hanging capacity and the space you have saved such as shelves or cubbyholes can be used for storage of other items.

From the analysis above, we can conclude that attachable hanger is a better choice. Do you think so?

Wire Hangers and Attachable Hangers

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