Will edit personal statements- Accepting last minute submissions

I am a Neurology resident which means my ERAS application was “accepted” twice- once for the preliminary position and again for the advanced position. As you may already know, the personal statement is a very big part of the application. A simple case of improper syntax may be all it takes for a program director to refuse to give you an interview. I am a seasoned writer and, as a favor to my friends, have edited many personal statements in the last two years at discounted rates. I have now decided to offer my services to the general public as the application time is drawing to a close for a very discounted rate of $30.00.

College Reading and Learning Association tutor
Published Traveling with Ease. Medical Tourism: your Guide to Overseas Medicine. Issue #6, August 2008.
Weekly Features writer for Brunei Times (2007)
Published creating Light from Darkness.Dialogue: A World of ideas for Visually Impaired People. Nov 2005.
Published “Heart Struck” in “Believe and You’ll Succeed”. Mudd Puddle Books
and many many more….

Contact me if interested. do not delay in securing your future.

Will edit personal statements- Accepting last minute submissions

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