Why is natalie portman in such messed up movies?

like isn't she Jewish? and i read that she's always a good girl and etc and that she follows her religion etc etc but then why is she in like movies that always show her like uhh idk masturbating and having sex and all -.-?

Black Swan was an excellent film, and she is a good girl in real life. I think that really the only "messed up" film she was ever in was Black Swan. V for Vendetta was a different movie, but it was fantastic, and there was no sex in it at all. your Highness was a VERY weird movie, and had a lot of weird sex stuff in it. She was in the Other Boleyn Girl where her character almost has sex with her brother and it's DISGUSTING!!! (she doesn't end up doing it though.) no Strings Attached was also very sexual. I think that just because she has been in a few films that have a lot of sex in them, doesn't mean she's NOT innocent; that's probably how she acts in real life. Idk hardly anything about the Jewish religion, but she is innocent compared to other actresses in Hollywood.

In all fairness, the only movies she's done that are really like that have been Black Swan and the Professional; the answer could be simply that they let her act out in ways that she would never let herself do in real life, like being so sexually forward (for the record, I don't know her or judging her, just giving an example). It's like how a lot of actors like doing roles against type or how they often say it's fun to play villains because they get to do things, the rest of us in real life can't.

thats one movie .black swan.
she was in star wars…was that messed up

Why is natalie portman in such messed up movies?

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