Why Drake Vs. Common Is Good For Rap

On the surface, the Drake vs. Common beef seems pretty silly. A legendary Chicago MC doing battle with a former Canadian soap opera star turnt pseudo-gangsta, all emo rapper. only in The Twilight Zone could such a thing be possible. Yet, the metaphorical shots have been fired in real life.and here we go.

It all began when Drake caught wind of a song on Common’s new album entitled so Sweet.

In the song, Common takes a swing at rappers who sing, although Common never calls out the want to-be Frank Sinatra by name. Feeling that the song was subliminally addressed to him, Drake took offense and insulted Common at a few concert appearances.

Instead of backing down, Common took to the airwaves to express his contempt for Drake. The first official diss came from Drake on Stay Schemin’. Common quickly followed by dissing Drake over the same track.

The reason why the beef is good for hip-hop is primarily because it provides an outlet for the new school and the old school to engage each other competitively. I personally believe that Common is the much better rapper. Drake is a good MC in his own right. However, Drake is typical of the new school rappers in that he fails to properly recognize the path that has been blazed before him. like many of his peers, he lacks perspective. This lack of intergenerational dialogue has proven problematic in hip-hop.

When Nellie and KRS one had their beef Kris was not well known enough to make it interesting for the masses of a rap fans. Yet, Common is extremely visible and viable. He has a successful show on AMC, he has performed at the White House for President Obama, promoted a successful gap campaign, and he still sells a decent amount of records. This makes the battle interesting because Common and Drake are fighting from almost equal footing.

If Common can make a decent showing in the battle it would demonstrate to young people that old-school artists are still capable of making compelling and dynamic music that speaks to the problems that they have today. Old hip-hop is a misnomer anyway. only in hip-hop music is a 35 year old artist considered old.

What they are beefing over is irrelevant. what matters is that this battle has started a conversation within the hip-hop community and it has shed light on the plight of the pioneers who unfortunately often go unrecognized in today’s mainstream rap. many of the old-school artists often sound like grumpy old men when they chastise those who have come after them. it is good to finally see a veteran MC of considerable skill engaging a new artist on their level and in a manner that is pure hip-hop.

The disses so far have been okay. I expect much more from both of these artists. Common hasn’t had to flex this particular skill set in a very long time and it will be good to see of Drake really has it in him like he says he does. If Mya Angelou does not get involved in squashing the beef, I expect this to be very entertaining. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Why Drake Vs. Common Is Good For Rap

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