Why does the media even bother about celebrity news?

I mean on the Yahoo hompage, there's a story about David Beckham right next to the Japan earthquake. Who cares what David Beckham does? I'm so sick of celebrity and their nonsense lives!

I've thought the exact same thing. sometimes celebrity news will be prioritized over more serious real life news, it's disgusting.

I personally am not interested in celebrity gossip, yet it seems a lot of people are and the media seem to act on this. Like with celebrity magazines and such, people keep buying them, so the media keep publicizing more and more useless info about their lives.

It is called "diversion"…has it ever occurred to you that the powers-that-be prefer that people do think too seriously on important subjects?
They would far rather that you stay mostly ignorant and frivolous. you are more easily "controlled" that way.

I agree with you. Celebrity news is appreciated by many, so those of us who aren't interested can just pass it by, or turn the channel. That's what I do anyway.

If people wouldn't read it, they would go out of business. but a lot of people are interested in celebrities and so the business goes on and on. That's why the paparazzi make so much money

Because there are millions of celebrity-obsessed twits who would be more interested in Beckham and have no idea where Japan is.

It's a little know fact but your not the only one on this planet yes whats happend is sooo bad but ppl still want other thing to read personally i couldn't gave a what Beckham does

Because people have absolutely nothing better to do.

Because people like to hear who's been making love to who. how many grannies rooney has boned and how many men Jordan is after

That was a very mean thing to say about David Beckham.

because people talk about it
whether they like it or dislike it
including you

boriiinnngggggg thank god theres someone like you

Why does the media even bother about celebrity news?

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