Why does the media bombard us with news of celebrity relationships and other personal life details?

I'm sure that, if these reporters were going through a rough patch in a relationship or involved in some illicit affair, they would want it kept private and not spread about the general public. The same goes for the seemingly millions of nosy members of the public who buy the celebrity magazines to read about the goings on in private celebrity matters.

What does it have to do with any of us?

Apparently some people are interested in it! If people didn't buy the papers or watch the programmes which contained such stories then the incentive wouldn't be there for them to publish or broadcast it. Personally I find it very tedious and think your personal business is just that…Personal!

for some reason it sells mags and papers – I have no idea why as I never buy them – mainly because they are always full of this dross

Nothing. They print the stuff because some people like to hoover it up and vicariously live through it all…a bit like soaps. It sells, that's all.

dont know but its a waste of news

because they want to sell "news"

its called escapeism and it helps us validate our own existence. we are all normal human beings and go through the same experiences. it shapes us and helps us develop our own views.

it fills pages in the paper .truth died a death years ago

well they will tell you it is because we want to know, we are interested, we are buying these mags etc
it is all just propaganda

breaking news.. done..
next story.
breaking news..done ..
next story
another story.

It has nothing do do with any of us but, unfortunately, the majority of people are just plain nosey & enjoy hearing about other people's problems. It helps them forget their own. And, even better, if it happens to be some-one famous whow the public think already has too much.
Human nature is a cruel thing, isn't it?

it has nothing to do with us

but our basic human way is too learn…

learn about what others poeple's lives are like, what they do ,especially rich, its like their from another planet from s people who by the mags

its so stupid

Why does the media bombard us with news of celebrity relationships and other personal life details?

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