Who Will Start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012?

In this article I will discuss the topic, who will start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012.

2011 was a tough year for the Miami Dolphins. They started the year 0-7 before turning their season around to make it respectable.

However, in order to consistently win the Dolphins will need to upgrade their quarterback play. I say upgrade because Matt Moore showed a glimmer of hope that someday he could be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.

In order to accomplish this, Moore will need to become much more consistent with his game.

While it is encouraging to think that Moore may have more upside, the Dolphins need to get proactive in finding another candidate to be their starting quarterback.

Chad Henne was given every opportunity to become the franchise quarterback, but he never lived up to his potential. he is a free agent in 2012 and it is very unlikely that he will be back with the team.

In my opinion, the Fins are not too far off from making the playoffs. once you get there, anything can happen.

Below are the 6 Quarterbacks that the Dolphins should Pay Close Attention To:

Brandon Weeden – while his age concerns some people, I think it may be plus. Weeden’s maturity should allow him to step in right away and compete for the starting job.

Nick Foles – Foles is a prototypical quarterback that completes a high percentage of short to intermediate passes. this fits the west coast offense that the Dolphins are projected to run.

Robert Griffith III – this guy will be star however it will take a king’s ransom for the Fins to land him. They have too many holes to give away all of their draft picks.

Peyton Manning – There is not much that has to be said about him other than he brings a health risk along with him. he is approaching 36 and there is no guarantee that he will be completely healthy when the season rolls around.

Ryan Tannehill – I would feel confident draft Tannehill and having him compete against Matt Moore for the starting job. he is very talented and would make sense for the Fins to drop back in the draft to get him later in the first round.

Matt Flynn – this is my favorite choice by a long shot. I feel he will fit right in from day one in Joe Philbin’s system. They know each other very well, so the comfort level will be there from the beginning.

Please keep reading for more in detailed information on the Dolphins starting quarterback 2012 search.

Who Will Start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012?

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