Who looks Hotter Katie Couric or Sarah Palin?

Their both the same age and they both look sexy but Katie Couric is smarter.

Katie looks like a little boy with Peter Pan hair and a giant mouth while Sarah is just a idiot with an over-sized head, bad hair and an egomaniac.

Katie is NOT smarter and Sarah is sexy as hell plus believes in traditional family values! Libs hate her for this too.

Prove Katie is smarter, all she does is sit on her butt and read a teleprompter. Guess that impresses you since your president also cannot speak with out one.

I have no reason to suspect that Katie Couric has a brain in her head.

dude Katie is ugly and not smart at all….she did things to get where she is,,,,,street smarts.

Sarah Palin. Easy. Katie Couric is not smarter. She is as dumb as every other "well informed" liberal out there.

Katie is ugly, and its because of her mean personality, its a inside ugly

Essie Marilyn :)

I am a woman – I can't answer this question!

Most women look hot to me these days….

I would have sex with both of them, but only one of them I would be willing to carry a conversation with. (not Palin.)

Only a con would ask something like this . You people treat woman like merchandise .
My answer is > who cares .

I take the one with the brain. Couric

Katie is a has-been. Katie follows the notes
and teleprompter that tells her the questions to
ask, so I'm just not so sure she's smarter than
Palin. Palin had no notes. as for being the
hottest, look at Sarah Palin on the cover of
one of the major magazines….she doesn't
look all that bad in shorts. You do know she
won beauty pageants some years ago?

Katie Couric is an idiot. I love Sarah, but the only problem I have with her is she can't even put that mental midget Katie in her rightful place. Sarah needs to bone up on her U.S. history if she plans on running. if it were between her and Obama I'd vote for her. but hopefully the Republicans find a stronger candidate. I have my issues with Romney and Huckabee to an extent, but I think they have more ability as of now to pull the Independents. I think between Obama and Palin, Indies would swing left once again and continue 4 more years of misery for this country.

Katie Couric is a liberal socialist and I find her very unappealing physically and intellectually. Sarah Palin is gorgeous ,smart and has good old American values. three things most liberal women are lacking.

Both them skanks make me want to vomit.

Who looks Hotter Katie Couric or Sarah Palin?

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