Who is more attractive Gary Coleman or Barak Obama?

Is there a chance that Barak would pick Coleman as a running mate? I hope so.

Um…no. but Obama is rather attractive. 😉 not bad at all…

barak. Gary coleman is hideous as hideous gets.

Watchu talkin' about, Willis?! Gotta go with Gary. He's short but he's got normal ears. Obama could be the flying nun with those things.

Your ignorance is showing…

Gary has those cute little pinchy cheeks, but don't pi** him off, he'll go all security guard on you're a**

Obama. and no.


Obama is not a bad looking guy. He's also tall and in shape.


"…whose look was more stout than his fellows." Dan 7:20

Another question whose only purpose is to bait people into tossing insults at Obama.

Is this the type of question that only Republicans can come up with? please continue to show your nitwit mentality.

That's easy…everyone loved Gary coleman when he was young.

Who is more attractive Gary Coleman or Barak Obama?

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