Who Has Power Over You and How Do You Feel About it?

Someone asked what I thought of our political leaders today. Ya, I don’t know why either.this isn’t something I spend a lot of mind time with. they are at the bottom of my list of important thoughts because I have no power over them physically or mentally. so the truthful answer to the question would be, I don’t think much of our leaders at all.

The importance of their lack or abundance of intelligence is not a question worth asking at this point, since we saw fit to give them their position of power already, and besides their lack or abundance of intelligence should really only be of importance to them personally, don’t you think???

It’s not our job nor does it help to judge their competence after the fact, we can do it before hand, but then we usually put them in power anyway.

But we deserve an opinion yes; yes we do, and we can’t hardly help but have one, don’t you find? it usually proves to ourselves how smart we are and proves to another how smart we isn’t.

So do I think political leaders are good or bad today? yes, I think they really are. I prefer to look for the good first and once I find it, I build on it. I begin an intention to see them as having ‘response ability’ for their words and actions first and foremost, this I see as the platform they will build upon.

I don’t spend my valuable time complaining and wishing for things that are not, nor do I look for some perception of lack in another. If I should find something lacking, and I am actually aware of it, then it is actually lacking in me as well, so I might search myself for a way to alleviate my lack and then I leave it well enough alone. I make the intention to see that our leaders will do that which will be appropriate at all times. Tough order? is it too much to think that this is not attainable?

Don’t be too concerned about who has power outside of you, who is in the White House, or the House of Parliament or the House Senate. the critical thing is; who is in power in your own house; who is running the thoughts that you think; find that out and then begin to use your mind to create the world you envision. the prime minister, premiers and presidents won’t do that for you, they don’t have enough power.

Create great thoughts – With No Regard to Logic.

Who Has Power Over You and How Do You Feel About it?

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