Who do you think will sign Nnamdi Asomugha?

I know the Redskins, Texans, Jets, Buccaneers, Ravens, and Eagles are interested in him. I also heard the Jets are heavily pursuing Asomugha. so who do you think will pick him up?

anyone BUT the jets

The Texans or the Bucs.

The jets can pursue him all day long. They dont have the cap space to pay him what the Eagles can. Not to mention the Texans are going to hugely over pay for the guy.

I think the Bucs will get him. They have so much cap room.

hopefully the eagles. they are not resigning any of their free agents to make room for him.

Crazy sugestion: patriots.
The patriots lost to the Jets in the playoffs because they have one good conerback, devin McCourty, and the others are a near garenteed completed pass. Mark Sanchez was able to completely pick apart their defence. the patriots havea big play defence, with lots of turnovers, and blocked punts, and things likethat, but when it comes to stoping the stoping an offence, they are terrible. This is why they need they need him. the patriots have money to sign him, they have the 8th lowest payrole, and yet the priciest tickets in the league, so they have money to spend, and they are well under the salery cap. on top of that, lets not forget the 14-2 redord. he has said that his top priority is a championship. They are the best team in the league without him most likely, so adding him would create such a great team, it would be crazy. If that is not temptation, i don't know what is.
So as you can see, Nnamadi to the Patriots? Maybe not such a crazy sugestion after all.

Oakland Raiders
After a few cuts and restructuring Kameron Wimbly's contract the Raiders will be well under cap with plenty of money so money is not the issue. He loves being a Raider and often says so, his relationship with Coach Jackson and Mr. Davis is very strong as well as his commitment to the city of Oakland with his many charity events. Another thing is he loves the bay and is a Cal alumni not to mention with the addition of Rod Woodson as a DB coach and the power house of a D-line the promise of playoffs is a good one. Nnamdi is not in it for the money he's not a greedy person so he WILL be back in silver and black next year.
JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think will sign Nnamdi Asomugha?

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