Which Video Game System is the Best – Xbox, Playstation, Or Wii?

Would you like to know which video game system is the best? The truth is they each have something to offer, including systems more powerful than the typical desktop PC. which one is best depends on what is important to you.

Each system comes with different games, although some games overlap. still, if you want a family-friendly system you will want to check out which system comes with the biggest variety of games for different ages, including those for younger children.

But if you are in the market for a gaming system, check out these facts.

Playstation 3 has Blu-ray technology. Xbox 360 still has a DVD media format, although for awhile there was talk about Microsoft coming out with a Blu-ray add-on.

Currently, however, there is a big battle going on between Microsoft with their HD-DVD format and Sony Playstation 3’s Blu-ray. a recent decision by Blockbuster to stock only Blu-ray movies in over 1,400 of their stores gives a tremendous push to Blu-ray technology.

To add to the Blu-ray/HD-DVD war Target has said it is only going to sell Blu-ray disc players in their stores this holiday season.

What is this going to do to Microsoft and Xbox 360? Microsoft is fighting back by cutting prices. while Playstation goes for about $500, Microsoft has drastically reduced the price of a Xbox 360 HD-DVD player to less than $200. Microsoft is trying very hard to turn the tide towards HD-DVD. they are not going to give in without a fight.

What about Wii? while Playstation and Xbox focus on better graphics and fight it out over what new technology is going to win, what is happening to Nintendo’s Wii?

Nintendo has gone a different route than Sony and Microsoft, seemingly ignoring the war over the best graphics and instead focusing on providing fun. The question is, will that be enough to grab a big enough share of the market to stay in the game. so far the answer is yes.

The bottom line is if you want the very best graphics you have to decide between Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. it might be better to wait awhile longer and see which one is going to win. If Blu-ray ends up coming out ahead of HD-DVD, then perhaps Xbox will come out with a Blu-ray add-on.

If you don’t care for the most real graphics, Nintendo Wii combines great price with great fun. Also, the motion-sensitive controllers are hard to beat. Reviews claim that playing Wii is more lifelike and refreshing. The controller, called Nunchuks, senses hand movements on three dimensions.

Before purchasing any of these, be sure to check which video games are available for each system.

Right now Xbox has some great games including: Halo, World in Conflict, Call of Duty 3 and 4, Need for Speed Prostreet, and many, many more. Playstation 3 has Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Vegas, and more.

So which one should you choose? again, it might be best to wait a little while. If you can’t wait, Xbox appears to have the most games, and offers a great price. Whichever you choose, you’ll have fun.

Which Video Game System is the Best – Xbox, Playstation, Or Wii?

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