Which smartphone is the best symbian or android? please tell me?

Don't go for the symbian, i would recommend samsung galaxy s 2 with android. Samsung also has other smartphones in case s2 is out of budget, but go for android based phones.

Winston Answered:Android for me =)

nicoles curious Answered:Symbian vs android, a really hot topic, what has android got to offer? Customizable interface?Interface is one thing, User Experience is, by far, another.people say hardware doesn't matter, but the fact remains that all those sub-20k Android cheapsters have got snail-like processors which aren't capable of handling that frigging OS ! my friend got rid of an HTC Wildfire within a week. got pissed with the slow speed and such a complicated, and unstable OS. you think Users will have a better Experienceon a UI that slows down after you run 2-3 apps simultaneously.? Grab a Nokia symbian 3 device, and test the multi-tasking on it. Run 3 HD games simultaneously, and itwon't even hangor crash or even slow down, hardware does matter, and OS stability is what users expect. Android's a new born baby, it may take time to mature and stabilize, till then it would be blown-off by Intel's MeeGo. Talking about sales, 90% of the buyers wouldn't know what the difference between a phone and a Smartphone is. Being able to play with a Talking Tom, or set-up customisable screens with some playful apps is all what people like you get satisfied with. we don't need toys, we need great phones.. Good phones, that are capable of handling real business, fast processing, stability, better connectivity and most of all, BETTER HARDWARE

Which smartphone is the best symbian or android? please tell me?

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