Which Smartphone Is The Best ?

Which of these Touchscreen Phones is the best…?
im up to buy a new phone, nd im so confused … please help me and please provide a comparison for these phones … thnx 😛
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
Apple Iphone 4
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
Nokia N8
Motorola Droid X
HTC Nexus One / EVO 4G / Incredible

All depends on what you want. Big screen stock android vs a custom UI such as HTC Sense or the sucky iphone wanna be UI of the Vibrant

But the Nexus is google's dev phone so with it you will always have the latest version of android out. also the rooting/hacking/modding community is huge for the phone. They get stuff to work on the Nexus before starting to get it to work on other models.

Android over the iphone any day
removable battery
expandable memory
customize the phone how you want not how steve jobs tells you how to use HIS iphone.

please be careful when asking people opinions as everyone has different needs and people who comment on these will probably have a favourite one of these. ill tell you my opnions.
sony erricsion nokia and motola and samsung are in the bottom catagory as they are touchscreens but fairly limited and also there touchscreens can sometimes be horrible.
The htc is a pretty solid phone with good software lots of apps and upgradable memory.
The iphone 4 is really flashy and something to say you have and everyone will know what it is.
Thousands of apps (biggest app store currently known to man if anyone wants to argue that point they can try) however with glass on the front and the back you have to buy a case to protect it (but you also have to do that for the nexus to be safe)
the two main competitors are the iphone and the htc. my advice google what you want in a phone and see what comes up.

I highly recommend you with Samsung Vibrant, it's a great phone. I can provide you with an opinion from an actual user from where you can find the good points about the cell phone. Here is the link:

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You can also go for HTC incredible if you like, here is the link:


You can get this phone on a real good price from the links below:

i think you can go with HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
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Which Smartphone Is The Best ?

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