Wherefore Art Thou, Common Sense?

Monday was Valentine’s Day. Lovers across the world were turning to the story of forbidden love in Taylor Swift’s Love Story, in the new movie Gnomeo and Juliet, or even the original William Shakespeare version. In Washington D.C., we are facing a modern day version of Montague vs. Capulet: the uncompromising and unreasonable division between Democrats and Republicans. Sometimes the battles seem so petty that you cannot even remember what they are fighting about in the first place.

At first glance, it should seem strange to an onlooker that the Republican and Democratic Parties adopt stances that are so opposed to each other on every issue, save one. The only thing that always seems to unite partisans is political pandering through in-district spending. otherwise, if you know the stance of one party, you can almost guarantee that the other will disagree. How does everybody in a political party share all these same views? certainly there are a few dissenters (as in any good fight); but ultimately, all politicians come crawling back to their political party for training on how to think opposite of their opponents.

With two train wreck agendas warring it out, one has to wonder: is there anything they can agree is for the common good? Maybe even more importantly, is there anybody out there who is willing to think for themselves and leave out the partisan gain? there are some real solutions out there if parties are willing to put aside the family feud and think rationally and realistically. Unfortunately, most are more interested in fighting red vs. blue than on the side of actual solutions. It sure makes it hard to love our government, leaving us out cold on the balcony wondering where we can find some common sense to resolve the differences and the greater problems we face.

Wherefore Art Thou, Common Sense?

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