Where Will Donovan McNabb End Up in 2009?

Donovan McNabb’s stay in Philadelphia may be concluding. He has lead them to the playoffs multiple times, 3 NFC Conference Championship games and 1 Super Bowl loss. But is seems like the Eagles may be ready to cut ties with McNabb and look to the future. They did draft Kevin Kolb in the 1st round for a reason. I can’t say that I agree with this reasoning or that any of the Eagles struggles has been McNabb’s fault. To me, it seems like more of the blame should be on head coach Andy Reid. I think that the rest of the NFL has seemed to have caught up with Reid and the way he calls a game. He is too predictable and far too pass happy. To be truly elite in today’s game, you can not be so one-dimensional. The Eagles have the biggest offensive line in the NFL, but yet they can not convert on 3rd down and short. Reid doesn’t need to call running plays 50% of the time, but should keep it above 40% just to keep opposing defenses honest. Regardless of that fact, both McNabb and Reid are on the hot seat in Philadelphia. a lot of the Eagles fans have already turned on McNabb and are booing him. so I will look into some possible teams that McNabb could end up with next season. some may be far-fetched, but we will see who would be the best fit.

My most logical pick would be the Minnesota Vikings. Head coach Brad Childress is a former Eagle coach and has brought in some of his other former Eagle players. The Vikings are already an elite team and could be a serious Super Bowl contender with the help of an elite QB. McNabb has struggled at times this season, but he is still one of the top QB’s in the league. Minnesota already has a top-tier defense. They have arguably the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson. They have a receiver who can stretch the field in Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice is a nice red-zone target. The one thing they are missing is a quality QB. Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer and that is why he lost his starting job earlier this year. Gus Frerotte filled in for him nicely for a couple weeks, but lately he has regressed. Frerotte throws way too many interceptions and puts his defense in tough positions. There is a reason why Frerotte is a career backup. Add McNabb to the mix here and this team would be a serious contender. McNabb would be able to punish teams if they load the box on Peterson. He and Berrian would make a very nice tandem and the Vikings would be a favorite in the NFC.

I also think that the Chicago Bears would be a possibility. They were in the Brett Favre hunt before this season and McNabb has made it known that he wouldn’t mind returning home. this move made a lot more sense before the emergence of Kyle Orten. Everyone knows that Rex Grossman is not the answer, but Orten has been very efficient this season. Orten is the true game manager. He just needs to manage the offense and protect the football. But Orten is not the type of quarterback that will win you games with his arm. The Bears offense would be much more potent with McNabb at the helm. The presence of McNabb would open up more running lanes for Matt Forte. McNabb has won with no-name receivers in the past and would be able to do it here in Chicago also.

Could Tampa Bay be another possibility? The Bucs defense isn’t getting any younger and they may want to take a shot to win now. Coach Gruden is not in love with QB, Jeff Garcia. Gruden would love to get his hands on a top-notch quarterback. He is never satisfied with his starting QB and McNabb would make his life much easier. McNabb’s arm is much stronger than Garcia’s and this would let Gruden open up his playbook. I believe Tampa would be an instant contender.

The Detroit Lions may be desperate to draw some fans into the stadium while they rebuild. McNabb would at least make their offense interesting, and he and Calvin Johnson could do some serious damage. I think that this would be a long-shot and not the best financial move for the Lions, but they are desperate.

If I were the decision maker for the Philadelphia Eagles, I would not move him. keep him around for at least the 2009 season. Groom Kevin Kolb to be your future starter and let him study McNabb. give Donavon some balance on offense. run the ball more with Brian Westbrook and bring in a short yardage specialist. They need to get one big runningback who can run over some people and get the tough yards. I think that this is the most logical move for the Eagles in the present and future.

Where Will Donovan McNabb End Up in 2009?

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