Where can i donate clothing and food for the victims in haiti?

I want to help contribute to the haiti victims but dont have money . I have lots of clothes and some food . I can't find any organization to accept them ,( I tried red cross) I want to get rid of them and don,t want them to go to waste .I live in southern california so it would have to be in my area.

Please, PLEASE reconsider donating goods. have a tag sale and donate the proceeds:

Read these articles about the difficulties such donations bring:

This is why donations of money are critical for any relief organization; my example is the Red Cross:

In order to respond quickly to disasters, people and resources already need to be in place. that means that BEFORE the earthquake, the Red Cross already had to have offices, people, and warehouses with supplies paid for. (Who do you think was answering the phones the day after?)

Very little of that is donated, because there is nothing in the news to encourage donations of boring but very necessary goods. The Red Cross constantly has to raise funds to purchase all this.

An office needs electricity, water, heat, computers, printers, software, etc. A warehouse needs electricity, climate control, forklifts, etc. Vehicles need gas, tires, maintenance, insurance etc. Staff need living wages. All of these require money that cannot come from a restricted donation, and are all "administrative expenses." this is why "administrative expenses" are necessary to the running of a solid organization.

It is possible for an organization to be broke and have to lay off people, but have lots of money in "earmarked gifts." that is not healthy for the organization or the people it wants to serve.

Just fyi, there are some other ways to donate without using your own cash by redeeming online point rewards. For example, Coke is matching reward point donations from bottles and cans on a 2-for-1 basis to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief efforts fund.

See new ehow.com article below for more info.

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Where can i donate clothing and food for the victims in haiti?

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