Whats the best smart phone to buy these days?

I currently have tmobile. I don't care what company. just curious before I buy a new phone. Please do not recommend the iPhone. I am so over the iPhone and don't follow trends. I like to take pictures, surf the web and tango with friends. what is the best phone out right now? (besides people's opinion of the iPhone)

if uve used iphone than the only option u have is samsung i9000 galaxy s(samsung vibrant/fascinate in other markets) it runs android is very very fast. has a beautiful 4 inch super amoled screen has tons of apps. includes all iphone app + more.. and is 2nd thinnest smartphone availlable. other choice is nokia n8 which runs symbian. it isnt as snappy as android or ios but has more feature than anyphone in the market.

samsung monte GT S5620 is d superb fon. 3g/wifi/gps/fast web browsing/stylish full touch/ sns links/widgets.

Blackberry Torch or HTC HD7/.

Whats the best smart phone to buy these days?

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