What's the best smart phone to buy from AT&T in your opinion?

I'm looking at buying a Tilt, because it's got a keyboard, and I want that. what would be the best smart phone to buy in your opinion?

I have the blackjackII. i think that's the best phone, in my opinion. as a teenager its so convinient to text on it with the full QWERTY keyboard. there's alot of nice storage on here, the browser is easy to use, i call it my mini computer, i am absolutely in love with it, i actually dropped it in the water the other day, and i let it dry overnight, it is in awesome shape, i drop it alot, still in awesome shape, its a slick, cool, nice phone, and in my opinion, the best smartphone AT&T has to offer. (even though i'm not sure what you'd use your phone for, buisness and whatnot probably.. ) goodluck with your decision :) ps. dont go for the iphone. alot of my friends have it and love it, but they are teens that love it to go on youtube, not for buisness.

Alex the Tilt is considered a PDA phone .. and yeah I LOVE mine been using it since Jan and wont give it up. Its really easy to text and do email from the phone. I find myself on the browser ALOT. the sound quality when talking is awesome no echo is very high quality. Not like some of the blackberrys.
the awesome part now is that you can insure the phone as of this month.
My sons and husband use Blackjack2's those are smart phones and for the money are a good durable phone. Mine seems to be a bit more fragile. both phones use the same plans .
If the tilt is the one you want .. go for it. There is nothing better.

it all depends on the features you want. some have window's mobile and some don't like the palms. My husband has the palm treo 680 and loves it, i have the blackjack getting the moto q, but he hates it because he doesn't like windows mobile. but the tilt is a good phone too, any of those you would enjoy just depends on what you want to pay…

Smartphone cellular plans at AT&T, as i assume you know, aren't that cheap. For example, $59.99 for the iPhone's cheapest plan. There are many different phones, ranging from the Blackberry Curve, to the Palm Treo, and your HTC Tilt. the thing i guess you want is a full QWERTY keyboard. These are rather easy to find. If you would like 3G HSDPA sppeds (really, really, fast) then I would go for the Blackberry "Bold" 9000 when it comes out in the fall. Otherwise, choose a good Blackberry like the Blackberry 8800, or the Curve

I have the Tilt…it's a nice phone but it has poor battery quality and the camera quality is not that great….besides that, it's a really nice phone. the Blackbery Curve is great as well

I have the T-Mobile Wing and I love it. the Tilt is just above and is for use on AT&T. If you can swing it you could go for the HTC Diamond. it is from the company that makes the TILT.

Definitely iPhone. It's kind of pricey, but it has a great interface.

What's the best smart phone to buy from AT&T in your opinion?

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