What upscale bars/lounges in New York City would you recommend?

For my bachelorette party we're looking for an upscale lounge or bar in the city. I'm not the clubby type for the most part and I don't usually hang out at bars. Just a place that's nice and comfortable with good drinks and decor. so far we're looking at the Flute Bar, the Bubble Lounge and the View at the Marriot Marquis. Any other suggestions?

I went to Flute a few weeks ago. definitely cute and fun…pretty expensive as well. Personally I enjoyed Splash at the Hotel Gansevoort (rooftop bar/lounge)
If you're not opposed to the "bridge-and-tunnel" scene I really love 230 5th..a HUGE rooftop bar/lounge with views of EVERYTHING in addition to a penthouse floor with floor to ceiling windows. 230 fifth has room for over 2k people so no one is turned away from the door, given appropriate attire. you can even call in advance and tell them you're having a group come and they'll hold a table for you, granted it isn't usually necessary.
Hope you have a great time!!

The View @ MM is awesome!
I highly recommend it!

Go to a Karaoke Bar, you won't regret it. they have all the liquor you can drink too.

Suttons place on the east side.

Two story bar and dancing and a terrace on the roof.

What upscale bars/lounges in New York City would you recommend?

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