What Makes HTC Radar The Best Smartphone Of The Year?

As the last month of the year 2011 has arrived, all mobile handset magazines and portals have started their rating of all the releases of this year. in the list, HTC Radar has been tapped as one among the top-rated smartphones in the market, released this year. Standing with its head held high, Radar is one among the four most prestigious models of this year viz., Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola DROID Razr and Apple iPhone 4S. The HTC Radar review posted online is ranting all about the phone, its high-end offerings and the reasons for which it has been nominated as one among IGN’s (technical website) most preferred models.

It goes without saying that the power-packed Windows Phone Mango has only magnified the efficiency of the phone. Offering seamless Internet browsing experience, the handset has impressed its users with the entertainment factors. with a bulk of 3D games and fun-filled applications, the platform is perhaps the best possible that HTC Radar can operate on. even though the phones that have landed the market with the Mango OS have all been widely appreciated, according to HTC Radar review, the contraption has been exceptionally high-performing with the OS catalyzing the potentials of the device.

To add to the high-performing OS, other qualities of Radar that have brought the phone to the spotlight are its 3.8 inches large screen and the simple, yet classy uni-body design. Very few phones have seen the light of the day in the mobile industry that are as simple, yet so appealing as Radar. The gadget was first released in the color white that does everything to manifest the unique style and exclusivity of the model. Extremely thin, the phone with its slender side panels and broad touchscreen steal the show at the very first glance. even the hot release, Lumia 800 from the Finnish brand of Nokia with its frequently published Nokia Lumia 800 review cannot stand the competition thrown by the stylish Radar.

Thus, with the performance and speed of a top-notch smartphone and one of a kind look, the Radar has piqued all the recent murmur among the mobile loyalists. Making it to the top among unbeatable competitors like Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone, Radar has deservingly received a healthy share of limelight with its smart bunch of features. even though the price of the phone is slated at a high point, every penny of it is worth spending.

What Makes HTC Radar The Best Smartphone Of The Year?

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