What is the best way to distribute wedding favors?

We're having a destination wedding in Las Vegas and having a small lunch reception afterward. I found these cute little dice soap favors for my family and friends but not sure how to go about handing them out. after the wedding ends, my DH to be and I will be finishing up with the photographer for a little bit before we head out to the luncheon.
Should I have someone hand out the favors to everyone directly after the ceremony or pass them around once we arrive for lunch?

Hello, I really would prefer for you to actually set up a table with the dice soap favors. Whenever you have anything such as soap or perfume smelling items, you really want to keep it away from the food, napkins and utensils. You did find a wonderful memory gift for your guest to share with you and to remember for a lifetime!

You can have they arranged on the table for the luncheon in a cute way. or you can set up a cute side table with the dice displayed and a cute note explaining the favors.

you'll have them set on the table at each place setting so that way when they sit down they will see it and everyone will get one and they can take it home


When everyone sits down to have lunch in front of them will be their wedding favor.

What is the best way to distribute wedding favors?

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