What is the best Smart Phone with Sprint and why?

My hubs and I are going to upgrade to smart phones soon and I'm having the hardest time picking out one I would like. Can you give me your review on a good smart phone? I don't know anything about them or how their plans work!

Palm Pre, or Palm Pixi. I know people who have both and they both LOVE them.

Well with most smart phones, you need to be on an everything Data plan, at the very least. for two people they are not very expensive.

Phone wise, depends on what your looking for.

In general, I would say go with the Samsung Moment, or HTC Hero. Both are Android phones, and Android is really going places. Android is already starting to replace the iPhone,(which was a joke anyway!) and it has tons of apps, easy to use. 98% of apps are completely free.

But WHY are you going to be using a smartphone?

If you want easy to learn/use, texting, mms, IM, email, great web browsing, and customizable, then go with the two phones I mentioned above. Blackberry is old and outdated, and not really considered a smart phone anymore. Windows Mobile phones, such as the HTC Touch Pro 2, are very very functional full-featured phones, but the interface can be hard to use for some people, so it often gets bad reviews.

What is the best Smart Phone with Sprint and why?

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