What is something that makes the marines stand out more then army, (i plan on joining the marines in 2012)?

im in 11th grade and all my life i wanted a challenge and i know that the corps can give that to me, i just want something clever to say to these stupid national gaurd recurters that try to convice me to join them when i already have my mind set. i just want to mess with there heads to make them feel like there not the best of the best. but i just cant think of anything.. any advice?

Tell the Guard recruiters to f*ck off. I am in the Army and I would recommend the regular Army to you, but the people I've met in the Guard are a bunch of pansies. if you're only considering those two branches then you should definitely go Marines, the National Guard is a joke.

Tell the "recurters" whatever you want. They're just going to laugh at you anyway.

From what I know, marines are pretty much killing machines and meant for combat. However, the stress is more substantial. It can be viewed as elite, but I think that is an interpretation because you could join the navy and be in safer conditions and always be placed next to the ocean.

Wow, lot of slams against the Marines in here. Jealousy, perhaps?

Anyway, to your question. the fact that you just want to mess with the recruiters heads speaks volumes about your maturity level. having said that, 13 weeks at MCRD will cure you of that. just tell the other recruiters that you have already made your decision.

Marines? LMFAO! People that join the marines tend to be a bit on the stupid side. Marines have tough training but they also are known for being retards. Good luck with that, braniac!

They have a bootcamp that lasts 4 weeks longer than Army BCT and have a swim test. Super elite LOL

Do you know who thinks marines are cool? other marines. everyone else knows they're morons. looking at your grammar, I can see how you would gravitate to the marines rather than any other branch which requires some degree of thinking. tell the national "gaurd recurters" that you 'ain't got enough thinkin' to join the "gaurd" and they will happily direct you to the marines.

No, the marines aren't known for being smart. do 20 years and be prepared to work at burger king when you get out.

The marines are not elite. Army Rangers, paratroopers and SF are elite. Navy Seals are bad a$$ and even the air force are elite to a degree because of their knowledge and technical skills. the marines are stupid grunts. That is not intended as a slam because the military needs stupid grunts. you will probably make a great ditch digger so why not join the marines? tell the recruiters whatever you want.

There's not much you can say since they know better.

You could try the "I'm on a boat!" line.

The Marines are a small elite group compared to the National Guard. the uniforms are cooler, the training is tougher, and at the end you can call yourself a Marine. Enough said. Semper Fi, Devildog!

What is something that makes the marines stand out more then army, (i plan on joining the marines in 2012)?

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