What Is an iPod?

An iPod is a portable music media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer with a huge capacity, a rechargeable battery that lasts between eight to ten hours of playback and it’s currently the world’s best-selling digital audio player.

It uses a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel (with the exception of the Shuffle) and stores media on a built-in hard drive that serve as an external data storage device when connected to your computer.

Discontinued versions of the iPod include two generations of the popular iPod Mini and four generations of the full-sized iPod, all of which had monochrome screens except for the fourth-generation iPod with color screen.

As of October 2005, the lineup consists of the 5th generation iPod, which has video playback capabilities, the iPod Nano which has a colour screen, and the iPod Shuffle MP3 player; all three models were released in 2005.

iPod uses iTunes for uploading music, photos, and videos. iTunes is a music software application that stores a comprehensive library of the user’s music on their computer,and can play and rip music from a CD.

The most recent incarnations of iPod and iTunes have video playing and organization features. iPod’s are easy-to-use, it’s stylish and has dominated the MP3 market that has led to a large market specifically dedicated to iPod Accessories.

Operation of the iPod

iPod operation, except the iPod shuffle, have five buttons. the newer version have the buttons integrated into the scroll wheel, to give a minimalist and uncluttered interface. the buttons are:

1. Menu (traverses backwards through the menus).

2. Center (selects a menu item).

3. Play / Pause (doubles as an off switch when held).

4. fast forward / Skip forward.

5. fast Reverse / Skip backwards.

A Hold switch also exists on the top of the unit to prevent accidental button presses. Newer iPods automatically pause playback when the headphones are unplugged from the headphone jack. However, playback does not resume when the headphones are re-inserted.

The older iPods with FireWire ports can function as external hard drives without any additional iPod functionality in FireWire Disk Mode. An iPod unable to start due to either a firmware or a hardware problem displays the Sad iPod image.

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What Is an iPod?

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