What is a SmartPhone?

The term Smartphone I think has really changed over the years, 3 or 4 years ago a Smartphone was also called a PDA which in essence was just like a regular cell phone with some added capabilities that you may find on a laptop or PC.

Fast-forward four years and a Smartphone is a completely different thing altogether. in fairness some of the main functions of ideas are still there of course but it has now moved from being a phone that’s a business person would use into the public domain where everybody can avail of its functionalities.

In essence a Smartphone is just like a mobile computer it will comes with applications like e-mail, Internet access, GPS capabilities, WiFi connectivity and many applications to help you in your day-to-day needs.

We have seen the explosion of available applications for the Apple iPhone. All you need to do is take quick visits to be Apple’s application online store and you can see what is available. You can download everything from games to music applications, applications to help you monitor your weight, software to tell you what the weather will be just about everything is available.

We can now see many cell phone manufacturers producing smart phones for the mass market compared to three or four years ago when they were quite expensive. the great thing for us the consumer is that the pricing of these is dropping almost on a monthly basis. if you look at just a couple of years ago you could’ve paid $600 for a PDA now you can pick up the equivalent with the same ability as a $600 cell phone for less than half the price.

I really think that 2009 will be the year that Smartphone begins to take off, we can already see manufacturers producing more and more on a weekly and monthly basis. the industry expects Smartphone market to be worked about 23% of the overall worldwide cellphone market by 2010.

We have also started to see other manufacturers beginning to roll out their own application source for their phones. This is not just something they are doing for the consumers it is also a massive revenue generator for them.

I reckon in the next few years that Smartphone’s will be at least 50% off the market and this is mainly due to technology advancements and more users looking for extra features on their phones for better value. I think the days of the $600 Smartphone are behind us and consumers just expect more and there are value for money. We have already seen the launch of touchscreen Smart phones in Europe for under 100 so it’s only a matter of time when we see this type of thing becoming a standard.

What is a SmartPhone?

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