What Good PS3 Games Coming Soon Are Worth Buying?

Any gaming enthusiast is always on the lookout for the next big thing in PS3 games. so, amongst all the coming soon PS3 games, which are the good PS3 games worth buying? The following are some top picks.

FIFA World Cup 2010 (PS3)

Hail, all footballers. This is the year of the 2010 football world cup. This is the year which will boast of a sporting event which is almost unanimously considered to be the biggest sporting event every four years. This is not a casual boast. It is entirely based on the viewership that the football world cup consistently garners every four years. EA Sports, since 1998, has been releasing world cup games in every year that the world cup happens. It’s become an ongoing tradition now. so, what do we expect from this year’s new release from EA Sports? With all coming soon PS3 games, it is natural to expect improved graphics. Although, EA has not revealed a lot, here are some new features.

  • Whenever a sequel comes out, the creators always sit down to analyze what was lacking from the last edition and then implement the required corrections. With this, there are improvements to certain personnel models such as Fabio Capello and Peter Crouch etc.
  • A carnival atmosphere consisting of confetti, seat cards, camera flashes, streamers etc. in terms of game play, certain vital improvements are expected such as realistic chesting of the ball, a more intelligent AI, player clash related solutions and basically better overall responsiveness from the game.

Aliens Vs Predator (AVP) PS3

Why this game stands out amongst other coming soon PS3 games is the fact that its single player campaign is split between the three species i.e. human, alien and predator. This basically implies that there are three different story lines for the single player mode. Now most experienced will say, so what? The models and style of playing would be same like any other game? not really. Every single race in this game gives an entire different feeling when playing. For instance, the aliens are more agile and can climb almost any surface, predators have cloaking tech and can acquire gadgets while humans, as is natural, spawn with a variety of weapons and are entirely dependent on them. This quality of the game makes every species balanced i.e. having their own strengths and weakness.

Now, the doubt brigade would say that, like all the coming soon PS3 games with unrealistic ambitions, this game’s game mechanics would be difficult not to mention that a player will have to remap controls every time he or she switches races. Again, nope. The game mechanics have been streamlined along with the majority of buttons for all species made uniform. furthermore, what really sets this one apart from all other PS3 game stock is that this variation of the game also carries over to its multiplayer mode. The modes or maps that are used in the multiplayer also have variety. For example, there are modes that favor a particular species, those that do not and then there are modes that allow mixed race teams. Additionally, there are three more innovative multiplayer modes included in the game, namely the infestation, predator hunt and the survivor mode.

What Good PS3 Games Coming Soon Are Worth Buying?

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