What does pansexual really mean?

I mean I have the dictionary definition but I still don't really understand, could someone please explain it to me? Give me examples?

It means I like to do really sick, perverted things with a skillet.

basically loving anyone.

that means males, females, and people who either consider themselves one, both or neither sex, or a third sex.

basically anyone! (as long as they are emotionally compatible.)

I know….I had to look it up myself tonight because I seen it being used for the first time tonight……all the Q&A's I've seen and just tonight I see this word….lol
Sounds like one of the "Famous" people used a new word…..LIKE OMG

A pansexual is someone who isn't influenced by the binaries and labels surrounding gender and sexuality. This can mean attraction to anyone regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. some pansexuals take it a step further to be openly against those labels and definitions, considering them to be destructive and alienating.

pansexuals are crackin machines

What does pansexual really mean?

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