What does everyone think of the new Droid smartphone?

What does everyone (who has tried it) think of the Verizon's new Droid smartphone? is it any good? does the navigation feature work well? does it include turn by turn directions? can you find nearest restaurant, gas station, hospital, etc.? Are the other features worth the price? what do you think of Verizon's new Droid smartphone? please answer only if you have tried it.

I own It and form my experience it is wonderful the android market has tons of apps, you can import your face book contacts and also connect your face book to the droid via the face book app. the internet browsing is pretty fast (it is not able to open flash websites at least for now) It includes Google maps which give you free turn by turn directions (in beta right now) the biggest thing I can also tell you to do is charge it often due to all of the services running in the background the battery goes kinda fast. Also buy a screen protector form a company called Zagg they make a product called the Invisible Shield screen protector for droid I have one and It works great to protect your screen. and if it falls off peels ect they send you a new one for the life of your phone. all around good solid phone 5stars!

Dude i have the droid and its fcking awesome….the navigation is the best and the phone itself is worth the price the android market is good not as good as the iphone but its good …anyway if your on the fence about getting you should go for it…trust me you wont regret it

What does everyone think of the new Droid smartphone?

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