What clothes do you wear in college?

I'm just talking about for classes, not going to parties or anything. I've heard that everyone just wears sweats, pajamas, or jeans and a t-shirt. If so I CANT WAIT FOR COLLEGE! haha I hate looking nice every day in high school I don't even know why I do it anymore. So anyways, for those of you who are in college, what do most people wear?

it's personal choice. haha. I mean yea, a lot of college students go for a "comfortable look" but u dont have to unless u want to, which it sounds like u do haha. I mean, im not in college, but i HATE sweatpants more than anything, so when i go to college i'll be dressing the same as I do now, which is just kinda edgy and crazy and wild clothing, but never sloppy. That's just me tho. I mean, I have siblings in college and they wear whatever, i mean somedays im pretty sure they dress down, other days not as muchhh. It's not that big of a deal, trust me, from what my sister tells me, the stress of class is intense, no one is looking at your clothes lol.

if it's an early class where everyone's still half asleep, sweats are fine (i'd wait til your comfortable to go in all out pj's)

if it's a late afternoon/evening class, and especially if there's someone in there who catches your eye, then i'd wear jeans and a cute tee or sweater

Uhhh… I never really thought about this… well, I usually just wear a sweat-shirt and jeans… It's not a big deal… just like what you'd normally wear to school.

uhm if you hated dressing up for school maybe you should have a comfy day everyday for college

lol not party clothes hahah

What clothes do you wear in college?

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