What can we do to support/help the Haiti?

What I am talking about, recently on January 12, 2010, there was a shocking 7.0 Haiti Earthquake. Today, in my class, we were having this discussion and we're doing a project on helping people in Haiti. Yes, we know that Canada Government has sent the Rescue Team over there, but we all from the community would like to be involved, as a team, helping them.
For example, we're donating the moneys to Rescue Team which they will buy foods and clothes and kit aid.

The question is: what can we as a community do to help the Haiti?

The more detail, the better answer!

P.S. the reason I'm asking this in Polls and Surveys because I know this category gets the opinion really fast. please let your contact know about this and ask them for the opinion. thanks!

join the army and go help

We can buy them suitcases so they can move to a different part of the world…

not much, i don't have any spare cash or time

Where do you live? the best thing you can do is send money to your local Red Cross or any other reputable organization. I plan on donating also. Those people are hurting so much. Its so sad.

and to the idiot below

Please open a Dictionary
it IS spelled Haitian. what are you 5 years old? Learn how to spell.

Right now, prayers ♥

Well you can go to cbs2.com then click on the first thing that talks about Haiti and there's a list of links after the article on the bottom in which we can donate money.

Red Cross is good
Find local Haitian immigrant organizations
There are some near Boston i know that

Send donations. I'm sure there's charities all over google for that particular incident.

I'll get right on it as soon as I figure out how to pay my rent, utilities and buy some food and new tires so I don't have to drive around on a donut anymore, mmmmkay?

Buy yourself a plane ticket and go help them
My mom already donated money to the red cross for haiti.

Have a fundraiser and donate the money to the people over there.

Like a bake sale or car wash or something like that.

Then mail it to the government.

Wait, can you do that? Hang on….

What we can do is contribute by sending more aids not the virus by the way, and possibly give donations.

I am from South Africa and a med student so I might go help as an aid

ship you over there.

I don't know but it is Hasians by the way.

I was wondering the same thing! I think that we can go on CNN.com (or main news channels websites) they usually have links to show you where you can donate! I was told that giving money was not the best thing to do at this point, however you can donate stuff like clothes, buy food and WATER! They need WATER more than anything. But once again, make sure you are giving your money, supplies to a certified association. Unfortunately in those times they are pitiless minds willing to cheat and steal from the most desperate. I hope I could help you. I am still doing my own research to get help for those really unlucky people. I cannot believe something like that can happen to anyone. But to them in less than 5 years they had every unimaginable catastrophes one nation could handle. what is going on on this planet?

What can we do to support/help the Haiti?

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