What are useful Smartphone apps?

Here is a list of smartphone apps which I find useful.

Astro File Manager

Android has the great benefit that you can have lower-level access to the system itself. People think you need to be a geek or a tinkerer to access it. But this app named Astro File Manager let’s you navigate to the Android file system which is by itself interesting mostly. Sometimes it can be handy once a while.

Speed Test

One of the great smartphone apps is Speed Test. if you want to run speed tests to check your bandwidth in several places, such as 3G/4G fluctuations and Wi-Fi quality check ups then this app is the best. although there are a number of other pretty good speed tests apps, this one is my personal favourite. The Speedtest.net app is consistent in general and it has one of the best graphics features and options.

Amazon Kindle

Since this app has been released I’ve read more books then I ever did, simply because my smartphone is always there with me. I can pull it out and read some pages when I have the time.


This is one of the great features Google accomplished by releasing an app for Google+ Android at the same time the beta service was launched. and too many there surprise this app is actually pretty good, and over time been improved. right from the start it has become one of the most used apps by people. It even stole time away from the Twitter app from Android. Due to Google+ has more of an interaction. It’s truly one of the best smartphone apps if you want to join a social network.


TED conference is a meeting of the most influential thinking minds in the society. Maybe you will disagree with some of them because there are a lot of viewpoints, but many conversations are worth listening to. The best thing now is they’ve recorded the videos from the conferences and made them available without charge on the internet. The TED Air app gives you access to those videos on mobile smartphones.

Google Goggles

This app is one of the funniest smartphone apps I’ve seen and is a bit ahead of its time. It performs visual searches and it takes pictures of things and then you will be told by the app what they are if possible. It is limited in its scope but still pretty cool, you’ll definitely get a peek into the future. The coolest feature of this app is the ability to take pictures of foreign text (other language) and get a translation of it. so with this featuers you can go to a foreign country and with the use of this app read street signs or prevent going into the wrong bathroom. Google Goggles is also a QR code reader so you can scan bar codes with it to get information about products online.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop is the best known photo editor in the world and this mobile app doesn’t hurt its reputation. The desktop version is most known for the many features in contradiction to this mobile app which is distinguished by its simplicity. It’s the best photo editor app for iPhones and Android mobiles to draw simple crops or sharpening. It’s among the best smartphone apps you can buy.

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What are useful Smartphone apps?

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