What are some of the best lil wayne and drake songs?

I want some of the party and club best of lil wayne and drake. please hook it up and thank you.

DRAKE:The Resistance, Light up, Fireworks, 9am in Dallas, Asthma Team, fear, Say Whats Real, Houstatlantavegas, up All Night, Brand New, Sooner Than Later, Shut it Down, Give Ya, Im still Fly

Lil wayne: Something you Forgot, Gossip, Im me, one Night Only, Shooter, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Earthquake, I'm a Beast, I want it All, I made it, I miss My Dogs, Shoot me Down

Both:My Darling Baby, Unstoppable (remix), Successful, Ignorant ****, Stunt Hard, Uptown, Im Goin In

Hope I helped!! I've been listening to Drake like forever hes the bomb hottest guy on earth <3

Drake: The Resistance, fear, Fancy, thank me now, Over, Fireworks.


i know u dont mean on the same song but thats what im gonna list

ignorant sh*t
miss me

sorry to tell you, but they don't have good songs

What are some of the best lil wayne and drake songs?

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