What are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in Emphysema?

re an answer ……
"Muscles are not getting enough oxygen and are therefore switching to anaerobic respiration. This produces acid which collects and causes aches and pains.
If this is the case, it ties in with poor circulation."

Do you know what the long term affect of poor circulation and lack of oxygen to the legs might be?

I have emphysema and am noticing more and more re the aches and stiffness in the legs when I go for my walks and other activity to try and keep fit.

The docs dont seem interested in these symptoms, but I would like to know what I can do to help myself and what I may be in for if I can't correct it.

Will Massage help? Alternate Hot / cold shower on feet legs?

The lymph glands on the inside of the knees are tender and I get leg and foot cramps at night for which I am finding Mag Phos Tissue salts useful.

Any useful suggestions welcome.

My aunt has that and it can cause blood clot,and you will need to be put on a blood thinner pill

Exercise and elevation will help to keep blood circulating, and improve oxygenation to leg muscles. Massage may also be helpful.

In terms of long term effects of poor circulation to the legs, you may be more prone to ulcers and infections (especially if you are diabetic).

Aches and stiffness may not be due to bad circulation alone though, joints do tend to stiffen up as we get older.

If you smoke then stopping will have massive beneficial effects in terms of improving your circulation (as well as the emphysema itself).

Yes you have emphysema and because of that, you probably have , to some degree, Congestive Heart Failure
. It is the heart failure that is causing the lack of circulation in the legs, and the lack of circulation in the legs causes swelling and other problems.

you might get releif from compression Hose (a form of tight, long stockings) , raising your feet level with your body when sitting, clenching the muscles of your legs when you are not actively using them, and possibly, trying to walk more (but ask the doctor first)

Are you on Supplimental Oxygen, if not, this might help, see your doctor.

your smoking history has effected your lungs, emphysema diagnosis…what people don't realize is the dangers of smoking to the body's blood vessels…your leg symptoms may be due to PVD, peripheral vascular disease, poor blood flow, circulation, to your legs. I suggest seeing a specialist, a vascular surgeon, for they specialize in the medical treatment of blood circulation…

What are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in Emphysema?

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