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Located on N. San Vicente Blvd. near Melrose Ave.Sponsored by the Lot

All Current Events & Hot Topic Pavilion panels will be followed by author book signings at the location designated by each panel.

11:00am-12:00pm | Current Events & Hot Topics PavilionTHE WAY OF THE GUN: FASCINATION & FEAR IN FACT & FICTION

The gun has had a powerful role in reality and fiction since the inception of our republic. this panel doesn’t tout definitive answers but hopes to pose thought-provoking inquiries as writers of fiction and non-fiction tackle this provocative subject.Featuring:Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier)Naomi Hirahara (Blood Hina: A Mas Arai Mystery)Adam Winkler (Gunfight: the Battle over the right to Bear Arms in America)Moderator: Gary Phillips (Cowboys (Vertigo Crime)

Signings @ 12:00pm, Mystery Ink Bookstore Booth

12:15pm-1:15pm | Current Events & Hot Topics PavilionROCKERS, RAVERS, ROADIES AND OTHER RABBLE ROUSERS IN MUSICLAND

A fascinating look at the past, present and future of music/popular culture and how it continues to evolve and move forward (and backward!).

Featuring:John Borack (John Lennon: Life is What Happens)Kent Crowley (Surf Beat: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Forgotten Revolution)Simon Reynolds (Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past)Moderator: Nic Adler

Signings @ 1:15pm, at the Current Events Stage

1:30pm-2:30pm | Current Events & Hot Topics PavilionPOSSIBILITIES: ON FINDING PATHS TO A GREATER SELF

A group gifted of writers will share how they uncovered parts of themselves and others in ways both expected and unexpected. Join them as they discuss their powerful, moving and humorous tales of self-exploration and discovery

Featuring:Lisa Napoli (Radio Shangri-La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth)Jamie Rose (Shut up and Dance!: the Joy of Letting Go of the Lead—On the Dance Floor and Off)Hope Edelman (The Possibility of everything: A Memoir)Donald Van de Mark (The good Among the Great: 19 Traits of the Most Admirable, Creative, and Joyous People)Moderator: Lisa Teasley

Signings @ 2:30pm, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Booth

2:45pm-3:45pm | Current Events & Hot Topics PavilionFIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH: ON THE AIR & ON LINE

Four fearless journalists will discuss media, society and what it means to “fight for the truth” in the information age! Join Maria Armoudian and Michael Slate who are both journalists radio show hosts on KPFK; journalist, author, and social commentator Kevin Smokler; and Truth-Out.org Deputy Managing Editor and Investigative Reporter Jason Leopold for this insightful panel!

Featuring:Maria Armoudian (Kill the Messenger: the Media’s Role in the Fate of the World & the Insighters Show–KPFK)Michael Slate (The Michael Slate Show-KPFK)Kevin Smokler (Editor of Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times)Moderator: Jason Leopold (Truth-Out.org)

Signings @ 3:45pm, Revolution Books / Libros Revolucion Booth


Featuring:Nicholas de Monchaux (Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo) & Amy Calcote in Conversation

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface in July of 1969, they wore spacesuits made by Playtex: twenty-one layers of fabric, each with a distinct yet interrelated function, custom-sewn for them by seamstresses whose usual work was fashioning bras and girdles. “Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo” is the story of those spacesuits. Costumer and engineer Amy Calcote will interview Nicholas de Monchaux about “Fashioning Apollo.”

Nicholas de Monchaux is Assistant Professor of Architecture at the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley. his work has appeared in the architectural journal Log, the new York Times, the new York Times Magazine, Architectural Digest, and other publications.

Amy Calcote is a costumer – specializing in historical, fantasy and science fiction designs – with a background in mechanical engineering. she weaves an attention to detail with an appreciation of the aesthetic into each of her pieces.

Signings @ 5:00pm, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Booth

westhollywoodbookfair.org » 2011 Current Events & Hot Topics Pavilion

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