We Take A Look At Siri – The New Voice Command Program On The iPhone 4S

Perhaps the most talked about feature on the new iPhone 4S is the new intelligent assistant named Siri. Siri enables you to speak a command into the phone and leave the handset to do the rest. This method of command can revolutionise how we use our mobile handsets and is certainly the most impressive example of voice recognition technology to date.

Siri can be used to carry out a host of different functions on the phone. Older voice control systems used to enable simple tasks such as searching your contacts but Apple have taken it to a whole new level with this new system. One very attractive aspect of Siri is that it allows you to talk normally unlike similar features which require you to speak very slowly and precisely. once you have given a command your handset will then talk back to you so that you know your task has been carried out correctly. Siri works with nearly all of the models built in applications which is why such a large range of functions can be performed. when it comes to music playback for example you can say the name of the song you want to hear and the phone will automatically play it. Setting a wake up alarm is easy, just say the time you want it set for and the phone does the rest. Even more complex tasks such as checking the weather for your current location can be performed. There are no concerns as to whether the task has been carried out correctly because the phone speaks back to you as a means of confirmation. This model becomes a true personal assistant in every sense of the word.

The beauty of this application on the iPhone 4S is that it can replace the use of text in a number of situations. when you are typing on the model there is a microphone icon which appears which when pressed puts the phone into dictation mode. The phone then proceeds to converts what you are saying into text. This method is beneficial when used to send an SMS message or compose an e mail and is not only restricted to applications that are built in to the phone. Social Networking fans can take advantage of Siri by updating their Facebook status or by posting a tweet on Twitter. The possibilities are endless and one can only imagine that other brands will be frantically trying to implement their own systems in order to compete with Apple in this area. to date Blackberry have produced the best voice recognition software with their search facility which can be found on the Blackberry Bold 9900. This lacks the scope of Siri however and can only be used as a means of searching and not to fully complete tasks.

Siri is the most impressive aspect of the iPhone 4S. it is one of those features which is both ground breaking and practical and should ensure millions of consumers join the queue to get their hands on one of these exciting new phones.

We Take A Look At Siri – The New Voice Command Program On The iPhone 4S

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