Ways To Protect Our Hunting Rights

I was reading an article the other day that told a story of a prized quarter horse that was recently killed and left for dead by wolves in Montana. I actually saw the photos of the dead horse and it was like something out of a horror movie. The wolves had barely eaten one of his hind quarters and didn’t touch the rest of the meat. I can only imagine how angry the owner of that prized quarter horse must have been.

If you’re a hunter and you haven’t heard about the destruction that the wolves are causing to our big game herds in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho go ahead and do a google search on wolves in the Rockies. It will open your eyes.

So how can we protect our hunting rights and gun rights, which basically go hand and hand? there are several ways we can do our part. there are many great organizations out there that are fighting every day to protect our hunting and gun rights. I recommend joining as many groups as you can and keep your yearly renewals up.

Of course everyone has heard of the NRA. The NRA is the best organization when it comes to protecting our gun rights. that should be the first organization you join and you should always renew your membership with them so that you’re always a member. Ted Nugent has been a key player in bringing the NRA into the main stream media. We appreciate all you do Ted Nugent. tell all your friends and family to join the NRA as well. Strength is built in numbers.

I would also join the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation. these two great groups have become famous for helping our big game herds and the proof speaks for itself. The RMEF has transplanted more elk across America than any other entity in America and has helped our elk herds more than anyone else. They are an amazing group and I highly recommend joining them. The Mule Deer Foundation has also become famous for their part in protecting our mule deer herds from losing their habitat, being wiped out by predators and from the anti-hunters. I’ve met a few top people from these organizations and they’re good people.

These groups are on the front line everyday fighting to protect our gun and hunting rights and we owe them our support. there are millions of other people on the opposite side of the coin that are fighting everyday to take away our rights. They’re rich, powerful and not be underestimated. We all love hunting, shooting and our guns. It’s our passion. if we lose those rights it would be like losing a part of our souls.

Be safe and good hunting my friends.

Ways To Protect Our Hunting Rights

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