Watch: ‘Thor’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer

Back in December we got our first look at the first movie trailer for the upcoming new Marvel Comics film Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. Today we get to feast our eyes on the just-released second movie trailer for the flick. this trailer is much more … human. while the first trailer featured a lot of action scenes, this second trailer focuses more on the human interactions that Thor — God of Thunder — has with, well, regular humans.

I actually laughed at a few scenes in this trailer. I think co-star Kat Dennings is going to add a lot of great comic relief. to be honest, this trailer has me more excited to see the film than ever before. Check out the trailer and judge for yourselves:

The taser bit is brilliant … as is the Facebook comment. there was never any doubt that I would be seeing Thor when it hits theaters in May … but this trailer has really got me even more anxious to see it. I much prefer this second trailer to the first one … do you?[Source]

Watch: ‘Thor’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer

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