Want to see a Katy Perry concert? Here's how to do it, for free

Katy Perry is doing a “Katy Perry Gives Thanks” show to end her California Dreams Tour at the Staples Center, with the tickets being given away free on Facebook. It’s a drawing, so you’re not guaranteed to get a chance to register, but if you’re interested and happen to be available the night before Thanksgiving, you can give it a shot. each entry is eligible for up to four passes. this ends a 122-date (wait, what?!) tour.

This is the part where I feel a bit jealous of those who manage to win tickets to this show, and feel a bit guilty for winning tickets to a Katy Perry show when she was first breaking out and deciding that I didn’t need to go wait around for a couple hours to hear “I Kissed a Girl” at the end. (I didn’t know she was going to be a star! And, after listening to more of her music, I enjoy her work. so there.)

Of course, there’s also the aspect of wanting fans who will be very excited for the show, which is also being filmed. you don’t charge for tickets, you get fans with lower expectations rather than fans thinking about all the money they dropped on tickets for the concert.

Katy Perry made the announcement on Friday’s Ellen talk show. she also talked about potentially having kids with her husband, actor/comedian Russell Brand; you can watch that below:

Her Ellen appearance was full of Perry making news, including premiering a new music video for “The one That Got Away,” following five number ones from her “Teenage Dream” album:

(via KABC)

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Want to see a Katy Perry concert? Here's how to do it, for free

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