Want to Feel Like a VIP Celebrity – Here Are the Best Clubs to Get Tables

New York is referred to as a city that never sleeps. the city has so much to offer even after the sun goes down. it has an amazing nightlife with several bars, lounges and nightclubs open till the break of dawn.

New York City clubs offers many facilities to visitors along with the delightful ambiance. the NYC night clubs personify the life of people after sundown. Some of the most popular New York City clubs provide the customers with the most excellent environment particularly during the weekends. they provide the revelers with many options for enjoying. the NYC clubs pamper their customers like a VIP celebrity. the people have one of the most wonderful times in these clubs. they are offered a variety of drinks and many beverages accompanying them. most of the New York City night clubs have bars and some even have the lounges. Almost all the night clubs in NYC have live bands playing and revelers dancing their night in the night club. they provide people with maximum enjoyment possible.

Some of the most popular night clubs in New York City where you have the experience of that of a VIP celebrity are: Tenjune, Pink Elephant and Marquee.

Tenjune is currently the top-5 it favorite destinations of the New York City People. it is a regular night out spot of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Diddy, Kanye and Sienna Miller. the main dance floor is a horseshoe shaped room with the DJ booth placed tactically to allow energy flowing. it is surrounded by a raised platform and has velvety painted seating.

Pink Elephant offers an intimate and plush heaven with high energy environment, lavish services and one of the most popular DJ’s. Some of the recent celebrity sightings include Bruce Willis, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.

Marquee has the appeal of both a high power nightspot and an intimate place. the clubs architectural design, lavish service and celebrity gatherings makes it one of the most sought out place in NYC.

New York City offers the best of night clubs in the world. the VIP experience at some of the night clubs make them one of the most engrossing experiences for the people.

Want to Feel Like a VIP Celebrity – Here Are the Best Clubs to Get Tables

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