Virtues Children Must Learn

Life is a merry-go-round, balloon and ice-cream children must enjoy; however at this early stage of life children must learn to differentiate what is good and bad. The adults are the good examples to the children.

Honesty in small and big things are the same. Honest children will be afraid to cheat others because they know that God sees them all the time. If the child went wrong, give good advice and don’t condemn; he/she will feel humbled when treated with compassion. he will not learn to steal.

Being kind and understanding to others, especially to the poor is a vivid example so children would understand the meaning of kindness. Compassionate words without malice will make them feel loved as they would to others.

Respect comes with love. This will show all kinds of respect: nature, animals, things, laws, leaders, constituents, work, community. Let them know that everyone deems respect. If you respect others, others will respect you, too. Live a respectable life.

Love is for everyone. It doesn’t have a face as Pope John Paul II advised us while he was still alive. love chooses no one and it cares for all. love is a gift we all have and we could share to others. love even your enemies, God will bless you much for this.

A humble person delights God in all ways. If you are humble, God will add to your insufficiency. Teach your children to be contented. And tell them the truth that you can afford or not afford to buy something. With this, they will learn humility. Their lives will show/give more than what they could speak about. People will love them for this.

Be brave. Tell your kids they will not be heroes, but they can attain their big goals if they try and become courageous. they need courage to work, to live, to be independent but loving others. Tell them they have something to show, and that in every problem they will succeed because God loves them so much and their lives have meaning.

Diligence goes with initiative and patience. This means studying/working hard and being busy. Big things can be accomplished in little things. Don’t worry, just move forward and never stop trying. when they study, they will graduate, they will find a good job, they can help themselves and others, too. in God

If your children have faith in God, you will not worry much. Teach them to pray and tell God their wishes, regrets and goals. Their prayers are very powerful. If they grow to be faithful to God, they will live well. God has angels for them, and little miracles and great love. God is our Father.

Remembering people and telling them they were nice will make them feel happy. Remember saying thank you, as this is humility, too. If you remember people, tell them they will have many friends. Tell them to pray for everyone.

Even if you are the richest being on earth, if your wealth is not shared, you will not be happy. Life is sharing money, time, effort, work and talents, love, and prayers among others. God will reward them in heaven. Tell them to share to everyone even their work as offering. in the Bible, even the poor widow shared her last centavo.

Dear God, we pray for the children.

Guide them to be upright and loving.

Give them good health and a sound mind.

Let their hearts be pure despite troubles around.

As they grow up, let your angels hold them and

let good people surround them in their journey.

Blow in them your Holy Spirit for courage to fulfill

their tasks and live with joy.

In Jesus name we ask, Amen.

Rose Flores Martinez
Roseprayers blogs

Virtues Children Must Learn

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