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posted by Joe on April 25th, 2012 – 7:33 am   |   Virgin Mobile

According to a number of Howard Forums users, changes are coming to Virgin Mobile‘s smartphone upgrade and grandfather policy. When Virgin first overhauled its plans and introduced beyond Talk, they featured one of the best deals in the industry: 250 minutes, plus unlimited data and messaging, for just $25 per month. Many people flocked to that plan, but it was short lived. Last year Virgin raised the price of the 300-minute beyond Talk plan to $35. Yet they offered their loyal customers a grandfather clause. That is, they could continue paying the original $25 per month, so long as they kept their accounts active and in good standing, even when they upgraded smartphones. but that’s about to change.

According to the HoFo users, who received messages from Virgin, the upgrade policy will change starting May 27th. at that point anyone who upgrades to a new smartphone will need to purchase one of the current beyond Talk plans. That is, users currently paying $25 per month with an Optimus V will have to start paying $35 if they want to upgrade to, say, the Motorola Triumph.

Of course, this is likely in conjunction with the new smarpthones that Virgin will soon be getting. We’ve recently learned that they will get the LG Optimus Elite the EVO 3D, and the HTC One V. Chances are Virgin releases these handsets after May 27th, which means upgrading customers will have to upgrade their plans as well.

We’ll cover this again when Virgin makes the official announcement.

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Virgin Mobile changing smartphone upgrade policy – Prepaid Reviews Blog

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