Video: Meet New Talented Teen Group: Love Jones Girlz

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*Willow Smith is not the only party girl for the youth, but a new girl group has taken the scene and is making moves into the industry. Love Jones Girlz, a quartet group with three New Yorkers and a diehard Jersey girl wants to bring teenagers all around the world something that they can relate to in their music.

*Over a night of watching American Idol on the television, Claire Jones, Noni Storm Chinn, Victoria Strata and Taylor Nirvana Jones also known as Love Jones Girlz was adapted when Taylor’s father thought of the idea. Taylor expressed that her father knew kids getting into the industry would be  hard work and there are not many slot and chances for kids between the ages of 8-18, but luckily with hard work and dedication, Love Jones Girlz have stepped foot into the industry with their singing, dancing and rapping making an impact in the teenager generation. As the term “Love Jones” meaning a deep profound love for something you have passion for, these girls sure picked the right name.

After winning the Faces in the Crowd Showcase in New York in September 2010, LJG has developed a repertoire that appeals to the youth that has expanded. With inspirations from music’s top icons today including Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Adele just to name a few, LJG has taken admiration and has put together a group that has gotten attention from big directors in the industry today. With help from musical director Ray Chew of American Idol, BET Awards and Showtime at the Apollo, he has put gathered an artist development team to enhance the group’s sound, choreography and overall appeal. “We have been compared to groups like Destiny’s Child,” said Noni. “We have been compared but we are different, we are singers and dancers.” but along with their singing and dancing an aspect of rapping is included to make these girls a triple threat group.

Indeed LJG is making moves with their debut single and video, “The Party Don’t Start without Me,” which is available on iTunes. The concept of the video truly came from a thought that teenagers cannot really do much in nightlife because of the young age. “Since we are 13 and 14 years old, we really don’t have a place to go to club and drink but instead of house parties,” said Claire. she expressed why not come together and reach out to teenagers and have a song about kids taking over some club and having a great time. The group to take the concept further and invite all of their friends. “Our friends got to see what we do,” the group added. Watch the video below:

Along with their debut single and producing their album, that the group in process of finishing up soon, the group has been welcomed to new things. “This is very different for all of us because we never do something like this before but it is a lot of fun though,” said Claire. but LJG does not stop there. The group has released their new single, “It’s Christmas” which is available on iTunes as well that has been getting a frequent cycle in radio stations of the holiday season. Watch the new video below:

Creating a youthful exuberance, LJG wants teenagers around the world to relate their music. “Average teenage girls or boys can relate because our music focuses on bullying, school and much more teenagers deal with in life,” said Victoria. but at the same time, they feel adults can join in as well. “Parents can get a sense of what teenagers feel and going through and we put our hearts and souls in everything we do,” said Claire.

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Video: Meet New Talented Teen Group: Love Jones Girlz

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